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A Canterbury Tale: Spiralling through time with Matthew Watkins’ You Are Here

You Are HereA review of You Are Here: A Biography of a Moment is a review of time and place. We’re at Samhain as I write this, the moon is waxing gibbous and will be full three nights hence and I am in Canterbury in a tangle of streets midway between the parishes and the bells of St Dunstans and St Stephens, two of the many saints who appear in the book. Time has moved us on from the summer. Matthew’s book was launched in the summer on a very particular date. The launch was itself a part of the book. Many of the folk at the launch were characters in the book.

Or were the characters in the book present at the launch?

I have been finding ways to express my understanding of what I take to be a very beautiful – if a little scary – and certainly weird word: the imaginal. Matthew’s book is splendidly imaginal. Can I describe it? I’ll try.

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