Mill Lane, Canterbury

You Are Here: The biography of a moment by Matthew Watkins
iii+256pp., to be published by The Inamorata Press on 1st February 2018

A launch event will be held on 01/02/18 as part of the Free Range event series, 7:30pm at Garage Coffee, Jewry Lane, Canterbury CT1 2NR.

Where are you right now? Have you ever wondered just what it took to get you here? And what do we mean by ‘here’ and ‘now’, anyway?

You Are Here is the visionary exploration of everything that led to one moment in one city in one part of the world. Part history, part cosmology, part psychogeography, and part autobiography, You Are Here takes a radical perspective on the story of Canterbury, the Earth and the Universe, from the very very large right down to the submicroscopic instant. Drawing on mathematics and graphic novels, and full of illustrations, this is a cosmic and intimate trip through all scales of thought. You’ll never think about the simple moment of being here in the same way again.